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Arborvitae Turning Brown w/ Pic

Brown trees
Brown trees
Have a tree I lost last year behind these 2 the same way, turned brown, you can see it's tried to come back a little. One is all brown the other looks like its starting from the bottom up. Winter here in South NJ was fairly mild, is this some sort of root rot?

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Hello! Welcome to the forum!

When did your tree begin to brown?

Winter and spring "burn" can happen with decreased watering over winter, and with periods of harsh cold and wind alternating with mild temps. There are a few things you can do to help with that.
Water during thaws over winter.
Apply heavy mulch around your cypress. This really helps with water loss.
You can also bag, or wrap your cypress in burlap. I've never actually seen anyone do that, but it was suggested in one of my books.

You can try to trim away that brown foliage. It may come back with regular watering.

Hope that helps some!


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This Hollywood Juniper is turning brown from the inside and it is going up its arms. Is there any way to stop it now before it is too late? Has it grown to maturity and will it die from there? There are some sort of spider webs in it.

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