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Bonsai Novice Needing help!!!


Hi all,

I'm a definite bonsai novice - had my first tree around 1 month. I'm not even sure on the type if I'm perfectly honest.

I have mould on the surface should I worry about this?

Secondly, it has lots of new sproutings but losing some of its old leaves- should I worry about this?

Any care tips fully welcomed :D


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Re: Bonsai Novice Needing help!!!

The soil is too wet. Does that pot have a drain hole?

I would repot, your tree looks o.k., so the roots are alive. Make sure you use a mix that drains well and your pot has a large enough drain hole or holes. Do not let any plant sit in water and use the chopstick method to determine when to water. Bonsai media is called akadama and is a mix of mostly different grades of gravel and pumice with only a small amount of organic matter. ... onsai-soil

When the weather permits, harden your plant off to spend the summer outside. Bonsai are usually trees and trees really want to be outside as long as possible.

I have found a source locally from the bonsai club, but in the past and for starter plants I still use crushed black cinder which is easy to find here and a lot cheaper. It works and that is really all that matters.

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Re: Bonsai Novice Needing help!!!

Your tree is probably a Chinese elm. It isn't looking too bad. It is still putting out lots of new growth. It may be that it just needs more light than it is getting there, which is why imafan suggested hardening it off gradually so you can move it outside. The fungus on the soil is probably a sign that the soil is staying too wet, too much of the time.

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