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Help with our poinsettia

This is my first post. Haven't really found the info my wife and I are looking for I think possibly because it's more obvious to others than to us. We had this lovely poinsettia at Christmas and had found online that it was possible to keep it throughout the year so we gave it a go. We've read here and there but it is looking very small and we don't want it to die on us. Is there some good reliable list of things we should be following to help our poinsettia make it through the year? What are the basic things we need to do?

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Re: Help with our poinsettia

It is a little late but prune in April and August. You can root the parts you cut off. Repot and make sure you feed the plants. Watch out for whiteflies. You will have to treat them with horticultural oil or blast them off with water every day. You cannot treat them once the leaves start to color up or they will drop all of their leaves.

After you prune the plant in August, put them in a dark place for about 6 weeks, but don't let them go completely dry. This is to trick them into thinking it is winter so they will color up for Christmas. Gradually bring them back into the light. If you don't trick them, they will still bloom, but probably around February or March.
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