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Flowering plant or deceptive weed?

Howdy All!
I'm new to the website and unfortunately I do not have a talent in growing anything. In my yard these pretty "plants" are growing. We just moved here a few months ago so I'm unsure if it's a plant or weed. Can someone assistin identifying what it is? Much appreciated! !
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If you like it where it is, it is a plant.
If it looks like it is going to take over the area and is hard to pull out, it is a weed.
If it pulls out easily and looks like it is going to be over run, it is a plant.

It is kind of subtly pretty.... looks like it might make a good ground cover / foliage fill plant.

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My guess, Quotu:

Lamium purpureum, Purple Dead Nettle.

Kind of a pretty weed but far too successful in some locations.


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Agree. Purple Dead Nettle. If they are not bothering you, let them stay until you need the space because bees love these flowers and they provide nectar source earlier in the season when there are not as many choices.

In my garden they yellow and get tattered looking when it gets hot. By then other options are available for the bees so I get rid of them as I need the space for planting other things and start mulching in earnest.

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