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Will apricots grow were nectarines wont?

I can grow Peaches but not Nectarines on the Welsh coast. I suspect it is due to the early flowering, with no insect activity. would Apricots fare any better. Thanks. :wink:

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Re: Will apricots grow were nectarines wont?

Hi Jungle.
If you can grow peaches you should be ok with nectarines and apricots.
I take it you are growing outdoors?
Helping pollination with a brush helps enormously at blossom time, and of course, protection from frost and rain is an essential early in the season.
Apricots can be difficult if they are growing too strongly.
They, like so many fruit trees, seem to crop heavier if they are not allowed to romp away at the early stage of the year.
Any fruit tree that is growing too strongly will put growth before fruit.

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Re: Will apricots grow were nectarines wont?

Apricots are iffy if you live in an area with late frosts. One place I lived in Cincinnati (zone 6b) we had a huge old apricot tree. Most years we had a late frost that zapped the buds and no crop. About once every four or five years it would make it through without being frost killed and produce an immense crop of apricots.

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