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I Just bought some raspberry vines last year and planted them in my garden, but I am not sure how much sun they should get, or how much I should water them. Please reply. 8) 8)

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Plant them in an open area to give them a fair amount of sun. Be sure to prune down the old canes each year to allow the new canes to grow up and provide you with a plethora of fruit the following year.

Water, here's the skinny on water. There is now headfast rule for water. Just check the soil, if it is damp don't water the plants. When you water them, water at night for at least an hour so that they get a deep watering.

Also, in the fall once you have pruned the old canes back you can chop them up or just run over them with your lawn mower and spread them around the the plants with mulched up leaves, cover this with manure or grass clipping or both. Layer it up. This will protect the canes from winter frosts or snow and feed them with all the nutrients they need.

If you have any local farms around you, they are a great source of sometimes free or at the very least very cheap manure.

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