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Strange looking rose growth?

So I'm fairly new to growing roses. I'm aware that new leaf growth can look red and that's normal. I've never seen this kind/color of growth before.

The rose is a Night Owl climbing rose. My New Dawn climbing rose has never looked like this. So what do you guys think it is?

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Those are the new rose shoots. Feed the rose while it is actively growing. Later you may have to thin the shoots to encourage better form. Watch out for bugs, they love the new growth.

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I agree, just new sprouts that did not have chance to develop proper pigmentation - it looks like you just removed your rose from packaging ? I also think that proper thinning is in order in that spot where bunch of them appeared together. I personally would remove the 2 that grow "inward" on the upper right branch immediately, but you can wait and later decide how you want to train your climber : ). Best of luck !!!

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