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PPM problems

I am new to hydroponics. Just started 4 reservoirs and things are going good. Everything is in a greenhouse. I have researched everywhere I can think of and cannot figure out why I am supposed to have 1800 ppm for a certain vegetable but when I mix my solution accordingly to the manufacturer I can't get the ppm above 800. I have to almost go 4 times to get the ppm that high. I have just resorted to using the lower ppm and things seem to be fine

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I know what you mean. I asked the same type question and haven't gotten a response yet.


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I only grow herbs in hydro, for the "off season", but when I set up the deep water systems in the fall, I have had this same thing happen every time, and it seems to happen the most with powdered nutrients, so I always figured that the nutrients just took a long time to dissolve; even though it appears dissolved, it is probably floating around in small particles, which eventually dissolve, which is why the level slowly increases over the next few days. It doesn't seem to happen as much with liquid nutrients, but it still happens somewhat, and it always seems that I have to add a little more than called for, to get the level I want.