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First Time Homeowner Lawn Care Guidance | SE Michigan

Hello Everyone!

My wife and I are first time homeowners in Southeast Michigan where we got sod (85% Kentucky bluegrass 15% turf fescu) and an irrigation system (13 Zone Rainbird System) put in during September of 2016. We've not done much with it but for a weekly cut six weeks after it got put in on the highest setting possible on the mower (we mulch and have only bagged once). We are both brand new to lawn care and are really looking to get our lawn in top shape after the remnants of winter finally pass but are clueless with how to start! :cry:

A colleague of mine has been offering up advice but he's also a little new to lawn care and is still learning as well. He mentioned that the following actions should be taken in order:
  1. Perform an aeration treatment on the lawn now (March/April 2017);
  2. Seed/Overseed the lawn with a Midwest Mix or other grass seed;
  3. Water each zone 5 mins a day for a week;
  4. Spread the lawn with Milorganite;
  5. Water and cut as usual
What would your steps be, do these sound correct? What products would you recommend us to get? What's missing from the above list or just in general?

We'd be so thankful for any guidance, tips or tricks to get started and appreciate your time!

Thank you!

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