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Apple Seeds Sprout with Brown Roots then Die

My apples seeds germinate with brown rotten like roots and shoots die after a week because of brown Rotten goes all over the plant. Seeds are attached with this. Can I know the reason?

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Re: Apple seeds problem

I'm afraid apple seeds can be the very devil in getting them going iramshiv.
I take it you gave them the proper chill time to get the germination going.
Once there is a sure sign that they have sprouted, plant carefully and shallow in fine soil. Keep damp, but not wet.
It can help if you covor the seeds with half inch or so of sand when germinating as this helps to keep the seeds damp but not over wet. Helping to keep fungal problems at bay.
Persevere's worth the effort.

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Re: Apple seeds problem

If you are pre-germinating them on paper towel, etc. sow the seeds as soon as the tip of the seed cracks open and a bit of root tip shows. Often the "moist paper towel in plastic bag" environment does not have the proper moisture level or humidity or temperature to support the tender root hairs of newly germinated seeds.

At least you will know the seed has germinated. You just have to be patient, keep the medium moist but not soggy, and wait for it to sprout out of the potting mix, at which point you will need to provide sufficient light.

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Re: Apple seeds problem

Could I germinate apple seeds or other kinds of seeds that need cold stratification using the paper towel method in the refrigerator?

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Re: Apple seeds problem

imafan26 wrote:Could I germinate apple seeds or other kinds of seeds that need cold stratification using the paper towel method in the refrigerator?
Your question reminded me that I have had some seeds from a crabapple tree that I liked going in my frig vegetable drawer. Got them last fall late and put them in there using the paper towel and plastic bag method. I kept the plastic bag loose.

Anyway, I just checked them and they are sprouting like crazy. Hope I haven't waited too long; will up pot them today. They look just like the seeds in the OP's post. So, IME I would say yes, you can.

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