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Indoor Basil growing, spots


I recently crafted a seeding shelf, and have been growing basil, and other herbs. They've come along well, however within the past week or so, white blobs have formed on some of the plants.

The only recently changes I can think of are;

1) I switched from 2 bulb 2 foot floresent lights using 1 cool and 1 warm white. To 4 bulb 4 foot floresent lights using 2 warm, and 2 "sunlight" bulbs.

2) I also tried watering from the bottom of the trays about 2 weeks ago, but I think I filled the bottom trays up too much because it took a very long time before the soil dried up.

It was suggested it might be spider mites by my local nursery worker, but I see no signs of them on the bottom of the leaves.

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Re: Indoor Basil growing, spots

This looks like "sunburn" that I sometimes get on basil in the summer, but you wouldn't be getting that inside! Same sunburn on some of my chinense peppers - happens in June/early July, on the longest days, and when there are many days in a row with no clouds.

Maybe they are too close to the lights? Usually I don't get this with plants under flourescent, even when they touch briefly, before I lower the tray, but I usually do basil elsewhere.

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Re: Indoor Basil growing, spots

Sunburn. They are getting twice the light they were before. I've had it happen when I move plants from areas of less light to under the 6 tube bank of lights.

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