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sad little bonsai

Hello, I received a Bonsai fairly recently as a gift and something seems to have gone terribly wrong. It didn't have any identification on it so I don't know what variety it is (although after looking through the forum my guess is that it's a ginseng ficus). It was two very thick trunks and tear drop shaped leaves. Within a couple of weeks of having it I noticed that one of the trunks had started to shrivel up and there were some little fruit fly looking creatures hanging around. I took it to a plant doctor/greenhouse owner and he told me it was just dehydrated and I needed to water it more (every day). Since then I've been diligent with watering but it the mossy bits (my bonsai has the rocks and then moss layout, is this bad? - update - upon reading other posts, I took the rocks out) always seems moist and I worry about over watering... In any case it doesn't seem to be helping and the second trunk seems to be shriveling underneath it's bark (like when I pinch the bottom of the trunk it's hollow even though it looks nice and plump) and the fruit flies remain. Is there any hope?

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I would remove the moss and check to see if the rocks are glued together.
If they are you should remove them. The funus gnats wont hurt anything, but they are annoying. Place a small bowl of water with a little dish soap in it by the plant. Let the soil dry to about 1 inch deep before watering again.

A photo would really help, if you can post one.


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