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Can my Cactus be Saved?!?

I know this looks so horrible... I came back from school for spring break (my mother kind of looks after it while I'm gone), and found it in this state.
The top of it is all mush---feels like it could fall off any time. There's also a brown ooze dripping out. The rest of the plant is still the same color as before and firm (the base was already that faded color, from sunburn).
I HAD been seeing mealybugs for this cactus from before (as you can see), but is this caused by them? Or mold, or rot?

If I were to put a knife to the top portion, would you think there's still a chance to salvage the rest of the cactus?
Thank you in advance.
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Re: Can my Cactus be Saved?!?

I think it is already too far gone. It is rotting on both ends so it is not a good sign.
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Re: Can my Cactus be Saved?!?

It's a gonner. Get a nice new pretty one :)

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