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Brand new lawn - need advice

Good evening. I am a week out from closing on my new home & I have a grass question. The builder puts down a 60 / 40 fescue rye blend seed. Over that, they put down a cover of hay. My preference is to have a zoysia lawn. So my question is this - can I overseed the 60 / 40 blend the builder put down with zoysia seed & expect it to take? I am in the Middle Tennessee area if that helps with the answer.

Thank you.

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I looked it up and fescue and kentucky blue grass is the most common ones there. You can grow zoysia but it is a warm season grass so I don't know how well it will do. Apparently it needs more care there than it does here. Zoysia as a rule germinates poorly from seed. It is most commonly put in as plugs here not as seed.

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