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Crown of Thorns over winter

Hi everyone,
This past summer I was lucky enough to get a crown of thorns tree from a neighbor who had to give it up due to her grandchildren and the risk of its sharp spikes. It did wonderfully outside over the summer, but when I brought it in it started losing leaves. I have it in the brightest spot in my house now (between a northwest facing and a southwest facing window) and it's still losing leaves yet still blooming. I water it once every few weeks and never let the soil get too wet. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help! I love this plant and need to get it through the winter!

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Re: Crown of Thorns over winter

Is it a ficus, or a tree that can be inside? Most trees die inside, cause they need dormancy of winter. Your location, and climate will help too.

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Re: Crown of Thorns over winter

Make sure you aren't watering it too much. Leaf loss is usually very common when an outdoor plant is moved to a low light location indoors. You should give it more light. You will have to put artificial light over it because the light from the window just isn't enough.

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Re: Crown of Thorns over winter

I don't have this plant and had to look up minimum temperatures. Are you keeping it on the floor or on a table? Leaf drop might be normal if closer to the floor/colder due to proximity to window and temperature is low.

Typically, succulents go dormant in lower/lowest limit temps and will require less light and less watering. Often people overwater during the winter resting period. On the other hand heat-dried air may cause the soil to dry out faster. Do you think any of this is the case?

My go-to for indoor plant care is Logee's. Heres an excerpt from their euphorbia-crown of thorns page. What do you think?
Crown of Thorns (Euphorbia hybrids)

They can take cool nights in the winter as long as the days are above 60°F but longer periods of cold temperatures will force them in to a resting period when they will drop their leaves even to the extent of becoming leafless. Long periods of dryness will do the same
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