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Need help for potted clementine tree

Hi, new here and looking for some help with my potted clementine tree. I live in France, and bought it really as just an experiment - I don't have high expectations, but now I've had it for over a year and while it has never produced fruit (after the ones it had when I bought it), I fear that it may actually be dying. I live in the mountains, so I bring it inside in winter, where it sits by a very bright and warm south-facing window. I have up-sized its pot once.
The main problem is that, for many months, the leaves have been folding upwards. Now, though, quite a few towards the interior are turning yellow and dropping off. And I just noticed that some of the yellow leaves are now forming dry, brown curled tips.
I keep searching for information, and find the usual spectrum of "too much water", "too little water", etc. etc. I was afraid that maybe I overwatered for a while, so I have ben letting it dry out more, but I just don't know if that's right. I also mist it w/ a water bottle since it's do dry and warm by the window.
I tried to take a few pictures, but I can't figure out how to attach them here.

Any help/ideas are appreciated!

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Re: Need help for potted clementine tree

Citrus trees need a lot of fertilizer. Mine had same symptoms until I started to put fertilizer once a month. The yellow leaves and falling off should stop.

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