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Is all hope lost for my cactus ?

I've had this cactus for about 2 years and I was thinking about re-potting it, but i noticed around the base of one of the cacti that its gone a brown/yellow colour. I suspect that this is root rot but how can I save my cactus ?

(p.s I water it 1 week - 2 weeks normally but this winter I haven't watered it for around 4 weeks. It sits on a south facing windowsill.)

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Re: Is all hope lost for my cactus ?

It looks like a rot. To save it, you have to remove the part that is rotten. I know this is drastic, but otherwise the whole plant will die. I would cut off the sick cactus and the healthy one put in new soil. The sick cactus you can try saving by cutting the sick part off and the healthy part resting in dark cool place. Once the cut will heal you can try planting it. I would let that cactus rest for several weeks.

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Re: Is all hope lost for my cactus ?

No doubt. Cut above the rot. Let callous for 2 weeks. Plant in soil. Do not water. Good luck.

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Re: Is all hope lost for my cactus ?

Plant it in cactus mix or rocks.
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