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Cymbidium orchid help please

can any one help me with my orchids
i have had them once before but they died

i have been told you don't want to get the leaves wet, water can go down to the roots and rot the roots
they don't like direct sun
when you water you let the water drain on racks so it doesnt sit in the water

so if i could have some help, that would be wonderful

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A friend of mine and her mom just advised me to only water when the soil is dry or the pot is light and to fertilize only every 2 to 3 months. The instructions from the florist told me to water weekly and I have been drowning it every week and was fertilizing it every month just as the directions told me and it has gotten worse and worse as I have continued. I am following my friends' instructions as they both have old orchids that are in rebloom. Also they told me to put them in indirect light and to keep them in a moist place, mine are in my bathroom. Good Luck! :D

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