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Cactus turning brown

Hi please can anyone help. I have a few cactus but I'm no expert. One of them was doing really well but started going brown near the base then very quickly the leaves have started turning brown and a purplish colour. I thought it was rot so I removed it from the soil and have left it to dry out for about a week,I have just come back from holiday and I'm sure it's getting worse. It has got fresh growth at the top which is ok at the moment. Anybody got any advice if I can save it or how to take a cutting. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cactus turning brown

I am not sure here but I do not think this is a rot problem. To me this looks like you have aloe that got stressed. Meaning it changes color because it did not get enough water and was in a lot of sun. I do that on purpose to my aloes so they get bright colors like red and orange. I do not have your aloe but I suspect this is what is happening with yours. I would just plant it.

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