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Help With 3 Cacti (Cactus)

I need help on identifying these 3 different cacti (cactus) that I just bought and I believe they are indoor cactus since they were in a private store. I would like to know how to nurture them, what they need, how much and how many times. What’s good and what’s bad. Do they need soil? It came on hard rocks like you see in pictures. If soil needed then how do I move cactus without damaging them. What types of water, what sunlight, what air, any help on how to just learn from them and be there for they’re every need. How much do they last? Well that’s all, I need to know about everything from the cactus

Thank you for helping
2016-12-23 15.19.27.jpg
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Re: Help With 3 Cacti (Cactus)

The white fuzzy one is an "old man" cacti aka Cephalocereus senilis. The tall one looks like a mammilaria and the one in the front is possibly an echinocereus by the looks of the fuzzy long spines and the ridges. These are all common cacti and popular in dish gardens like you have.

I am guessing that pot does not have a hole in it. You need to be careful with watering to make sure they are not over watered. Try not to get the old man cactus hair wet, it turns black if it does not dry well enough. The media looks clean and they have lots of room to grow for now. They will need very bright light. ... --8-10.pdf
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