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Help from Australia!!!

Hello everyone
I hope you don't mind me posting from Australia. It's spring here and I've just received 3 ornamental Cleveland select pear trees. It was delivered while I was at work and I'm not happy about the tree leaves.
They have strange marks on them however I cannot find any insects to account for the holes. I asked the guy why the plants were like this and he said it was due to wind damage
I would love to know your thoughts if anyone has experience with pear trees
My thoughts are it is a pest, which concerns me!

Thanks again!

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Re: Help from Australia!!!

When we are in winter, we love to hear from people who are enjoying spring and summer! :)

I'm going to suggest you re-post this in the Fruit section or at least edit your title to say "Help with Pear Tree." It's not that I'm so picky about what section anyone posts in. But we have a professional orchardist who monitors the Fruit section, but may not see this unless there's something to bring it to his attention.

In the meantime I would suggest the ragged leaf edges in top right of top picture look like wind damage. The little holes do not and are probably damage from some kind of sucking insect, maybe flea beetles or thrips. Some of these can be very tiny and hard to spot.

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Re: Help from Australia!!!

The spots have yellow haloes and the centers are necrotic and sunken. It is more likely to be a bacterial spot or fungal issue. Copper sulfate sprays should contain the disease but all of the infected leaves should be removed and any fallen leaves removed to reduce the presence of spores. Fungal and bacterial diseases are common when the weather is humid and wet. Proper pruning and spacing to make sure the plant get good air flow will help.

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