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Help my potted radish plant is bending over!

What do I do? It's a sprout, probably a week old. I put a few toothpicks in the direction it is bending down. What does it mean if a plant is falling over itself? I was under the impression that a plant would be able to support itself, but I am a beginner after all...

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Re: Help my potted radish plant is bending over!

One radish?

At least, one radish isn't being crowded and shaded by the many.

Shade ... or, just insufficient light is probably the problem. The plant is likely stretching to reach more light.

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Re: Help my potted radish plant is bending over!

Radishes, usually a gardener will plant a handful of radish seed, not a single seed. I am suggesting in a six inch pot you may put about 20 seeds. Yes, as Steve says, give it sunlight. Have fun!
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