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Name that tree - Wellington

Can anyone help me identify the pictured tree?
This is growing in my back garden - I live in Wellington, New Zealand. It's approx 2 meters tall.

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Re: Name that tree - Wellington

Looks like what we call Pokeweed here. 'Phytolacca' It may go by the name of Inkweed where you are.

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Re: Name that tree - Wellington

I don't really think so, though I don't have a better suggestion.

Mark, you called it a tree. Pokeweed isn't a tree. Can you show us the trunk of the tree? Is it single trunked, woody and solid? Pokeweed has a hard stem when it is mature, but the stem is hollow.

Pokeweed flowers are in a long drooping spike:
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Re: Name that tree - Wellington

Looks like avocado to me.

Look here :arrow: Subject: My potted avocado is going to bloom! what?

...hope those blossoms set fruits! :-()
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