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What is it? I need expertise...

A friend of mine gave me a bonsai tree as a house warming present...I have been looking at pictures on the site and cannot identify it. I really want to take care of it the right way so maybe someone can help me: The trunk is thick and has several limbs shooting off in different directions, they are not scrawny either, it looks like some of the limbs have been pruned before. On each limb there are several single leaves the texture of aloe leaves or those hens and chicken air plants. The leaves are small and oval and I have no idea what this might be. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Gnome I'm sure you'll move this to to forum when you see it.

cyndedodge, its very hard to identify a tree without a picture but with your description of the leaves, I would guess a Jade? Search on google and see if it looks like that. Post a pic and we'll tell you for sure.


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