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El Paso Urban Farm

Hey all, new to the forums. Above is my latest video. I just started a lawn to farm grow, I'm using Curtis Stones techniques with some personal touches. I hope to supply my kitchen as well as some local chefs with fresh organic food. I also grow mushrooms, I have mostly mushroom videos on my youtibe channel, and the spent mushroom blocks will be composed into the beds to help build the soil. Total garden space is around 500sq ft with plans to expand to around 1500 sq ft over time.

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Re: El Paso Urban Farm

Very nice! I think urban farming including rooftops, vacant lots, former lawns and whatever, is the wave of the future, in a back to the future kind of way. People don't remember the Victory Gardens of WWII (I don't "remember" them either, :) , but I've read about them). During the war the cities produced much of the veggies for themselves while a lot of the farm produce went to the troops and to feed our besieged allies.

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Re: El Paso Urban Farm

Welcome! :)

Just a tip:
Next time you post a video, use the BBCode tags like this so that they can be viewed in your post:

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I edited your post to fix that for you. ;)

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Re: El Paso Urban Farm

Very nice garden. I did not think tatsoi and cilantro would grow in a place like El Paso, but I guess it can certain times of the year. Cilantro is very seasonal for me. I am envious of all your space, and weed free.

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