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can I still plant spring bulbs & perennials in New England?

I'm new to gardening and last month ordered daylillies, cylcamen, primrose, picotee violet, coral bells and an assortment of bulbs (daffodils, tulips, grape hyacinths, etc) from Michigan Bulb. The perennials are coming as bare root perennials or small potted plants. They are really late in shipping so I will get all this in several days. The problem is that over the last few days, night time temp have dropped to around freezing and today it snowed for the first time. I live in Western Massachusetts. Is it too late to plant these perennials and bulbs and if so, what do I do with all of it?
thanks for any advice in advance

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Re: can I still plant in New England?

Hmm... I have to say my impression of Michigan Bulb is not the best, but assuming they send you good quality plant materials, I think you would still have time to plant them and succeed. Even where you live, I suspect that the ground has not frozen solid yet and you are only getting above ground or ground surface weather effects.

While you wait for the shipment to arrive, research the best locations around the garden to plant them based on sun requirements, shade tolerance, moisture requirements, drainage, winter hardiness, etc. and prep the beds by clearing weeds, digging/removing rocks, and working in compost and organic matter, etc. For bulbs, you should work in bulb fertilizer and/or bone meal as well. Have ready (buy or gather) good quality mulching material -- especially planting late, you will want to mulch well (more thickly than normal) to give them a chance to settle in before the ground freezes.

If you have questions maybe separate your questions into different threads after the plants have been appropriately sorted and grouped according to their needs. Do you need help with that?

Also, tulips, violets, crocus, possibly primrose will need protection from rabbits -- fencing -- which you will not be able to put up in late winter/early spring when bulbs start to grow and rabbits start to forage while the ground is still frozen. So get the materials needed/stakes, fencing, and put them up after you plant. (fencing will also help hold the mulch and keep from blowing away if you use leaves or straw)
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Re: can I still plant spring bulbs & perennials in New Engla

thank you. I've planted some already. Michigan Bulb says they have a refund if plants fail to grow so we'll see in the spring.

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Re: can I still plant spring bulbs & perennials in New Engla

Um, yeah. Sure you get a refund. IF you send them the dead plants at your expense. And then you get a credit, not a check.

I've done business with them before. Not the best company to deal with. One time they sent me some dried out sticks with no roots and a bunch of bulbs and tubers packed in dripping wet packing material. The only thing that lived was a couple daylily tubers. Every once in a while they actually send good material that does well and it what it is supposed to be. But that's the exception rather than the rule. I hope your experience with them is not a bad one.

Michigan Bulb is one of a group of companies that offer really cheap prices and send out poor quality merchandise.

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