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Lack of variety of indoor plants

I have a couple problems I'm facing. I want to have some plants indoors because I love green things. But my problems are that I don't like much of the "indoor" plants available, and that my light is extremely limited as far as windows go. There are houses blocking light coming from one side, and the only other available window is north-facing and gets almost no light.

I'm wondering if I can buy shade loving plants and grow them in containers indoors? Plants that would do well in full shade, I mean. There aren't a ton of them I know, but I know they exist but that I don't usually see them in the "houseplant" selections. I think! Would this be a workable solution for me?

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Well, I can't really comment on shade loving plants for the indoors but two options are: Get a couple of grow lights for your plants (then you don't have to worry) and you can buy silk plants. (No fuss, no muss) Though, I admit I love having living plants around me.

My room mates boyfriend constantly buys us all these plants like Orchids (lovely), some bonsai threes, some ivy and so on. We don't have much light either so, I use the grow light.

Don't put your plants in a window sill, these are death traps for plants and especially trees.

Good luck and hopefully someone will be around with some advice on shade loving indoor plants soon.

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I do have some grow lights that I am using for starting some vegetables indoors before transplanting outside, but I'm not sure how feasible it would be for me to use them elsewhere indoors, just because of outlet placement and a small toddler in the house lol. I will definitely consider it though especially if there don't seem to be any other viable options! :wink:

Oh and I can't stand silk plants haha. My mom loves them but unless I'm putting them way up high where they can't be closely inspected, I don't like having them around because I have yet to see one that doesn't look me anyway lol. And putting them up high means I don't like to take them down to dust or clean them and then they get dusty and then they *really* look fake.

Maybe I'm being to picky? hehe

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Artificial flowers

gaevren I used to feel just like you do about arificial flowers until my DW bought these at our local florist,I thought they were almost real. Bill

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they look pretend to me... sorry :?

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