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Pitcher Plant Heads Dried Up & Turned Brown

Hello Everyone! :()
I really need some help with my pitcher plant. I have a S. cv Juthatip Soper x S. leucophylla. :shock: (To anyone who doesn't know what that is, it's a killing plant :D Google them, they are gorgeous! ) It was quite happy growing until recently. The heads have dried up and gone brown and even new growth starts to fall apart by browning and growing holes. I believed this just to be because of the seasons and trimmed the brown heads down but online it says they shouldn't be this brown yet and doesn't normally die like this.
Does anyone know any way to help it grow back stronger? Is it diseased? Will it affect my other pitcher plants, cacti and succulents? Any help is good!
Thanks! :-()

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Re: Pitcher Plant Heads Dried Up & Turned Brown

Give us some details about how long you have had it and what kind of care you are giving it -- growing medium and container(?), light, water, etc. is it being kept indoors or out? Where do you live -- what kind of climate?

If it was fine until recently, has anything changed in its care? For example -- If indoors or outdoors in same spot, natural sunlight light quality now would be significantly different from say 2 months ago.....
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