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How long before seeding after using Autumn weed and feed

I've used an Aftercut Autumn All-in-One treatment on my lawn however with hindsight I've realised i've made a number of daft mistakes.

I've applied at the same time as overseeding, immediately after cutting the lawn short and scarifying. That was 10 days ago and I haven't seen any of the new seeds germinate and the grass is now very patchy (it was already patchy but I think I have burnt or killed the grass in some areas). I should also mentioned that I had done overseeding at the beginning of August, so some of the grass may have been young.

I didnt have a particular problem with weeds, I just wanted to do another round of overseeding to fill in the gaps in the lawn and thought the Autumn all-in-one would help the process. I was in a rush to get it done so didnt read product instructions properly (or at all).
So I would like to know if the product can kill grass seed and new grass, and if so how long should I wait before adding new seed? Will I get an opportunity to take action before winter (bearing in mind I live in aberdeenshire)? I am hoping I can take some action to make the lawn more attractive through the winter months!

Thanks in advance

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