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SAVE ME! Help with a cactus and succulent.

I have a pot with three plants in it. They all seem to be growing relatively well, but lately two of them are showing some worrisome signs. One cactus has a brown spot on the base that I poked at. It looks rotted inside, but I also saw some spider mites and a yucky looking small worm. It looks to me like the other arms of it are still growing though? The other is growing like crazy but the leaves are starting to show some spots and have spider web looking things stuck to them. I just shot them both with some neem oil extract diluted in water, but I'm not sure if that will do the trick. Any ideas on how to salvage my plant babies?

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Re: SAVE ME! Help with a cactus and succulent.

I would separate the cactus because it has different watering needs. This is probably the reason for the rot. To remove the rot, I would simply cut the rotten part. Looks like most of the plant is healthy so you just loosing a piece.
The oil should help with the mites.
I would add more plants to the pot. Succulents are ok with being tight and they make for fantastic arrangements.
Have you thought of adding some pebbles. Cactus looks great with some red pebbles around it.

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Re: SAVE ME! Help with a cactus and succulent.

I would throw the whole lot out and start again with some proper pots with drain holes.

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Re: SAVE ME! Help with a cactus and succulent.

Oooh that's a bit drastic?

I'm not a cacti/succulent person -- I have a couple (well, OK -- a quick mental inventory is telling me more like a "few" :P ) , but mostly succulent/euphorbia type .... So my experience is limited.

That said, I think its generally easier to take care of plants when they are individually potted, especially when there are variations in their needs. You can also apply more severe treatments to affected plants without involving healthy ones.

If the soil mix look inappropriate -- and mine tends to be a lot sandier and with something gravelly -- pumice gravel, calcined clay, perlite as last choice -- I think that would be the first place to start.

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