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What Type Of Squash Is This?

Every year my compost pile produces some volunteer vegetable from the seeds that come from kitchen veggie waste. This year an especially large, healthy squash is growing out of the pile, but I can't figure out what type of squash it is. The squash seeds that have gone into the compost pile are Zucchini, Yellow, Acorn and Butternut.

The fruit on the plant has the characteristics of a Butternut, but the skin is green and the fruit is HUGE! I think if I continue to let it grow through October, I'll be able to use this squash for Jack'o'Lanterns.

I've included pictures of the plant and the fruit. Any help identifying this squash will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: What Type Of Squash Is This?

Well, it definitely looks like a kind of butternut. Where did the original butternut squash that went into the compost come from? Did you grow it yourself?

Considering the size these are growing, it looks more like one of these: Butternut Rogosa Violina "Gioia" Squash.

The fruits should become familiar buff color when completely mature, either on the vine or in storage after harvest -- this is typical of most C.moschata varieties. (I notice you probably cut this one open still green because of the soft spot on the bottom?)

I have a different C.moschata variety that I have been watching and waiting to harvest as they change color. BTW it's a good idea to put the squash on bricks or other porous material to raise up off the ground like this.

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