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Mint leaves have brown spots, what does this mean?

I bought a potted mint plant and have taken care of it for about 2 weeks now, but I noticed some brown spots on the leaves itself. Could this be mint rust or just an overwatering problem? I have read other posts but the pictures don't really seem the same. I have cut off those leaves with brown spots for now. Any advice on what this could be? Thanks in advance :D

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Re: Mint leaves have brown spots, what does this mean?

There are a couple of things that will do that. Usually the plant has been overwatered or it has been in full sun in summer.

Mints will also turn yellow and become sparse when it is pot bound. Pull the plant out of the pot, if the roots are winding around the pot it is time to chop the plant into about four pieces cut back the top and plant each section in a new pot.

Mint likes a fairly rich soil that is evenly moist but it does not like to sit in water. Ditch the saucer.

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