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Aloe vera

Can anybody tell me what type of aloe Vera this is and if it is medicinal. I picked 3 up from the charity shop, also what living conditions it likes thank you

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Re: Aloe vera

I am not sure about the name, but I am pretty sure it is medical as well.
When it comes to the care. Aloe needs the soil to be dry out before next watering. If it gets lengthy and less attractive, you can simply cut it and put it back to soil. It will root fast. The only problem can be overwatering which will cause rot.

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Re: Aloe vera

When I lived in AZ i grew 2 kinds they looked the same only they made different color flowers both multiplied faster than rabbits. I though all aloe are medical. I had my plants out side in the shade 10 plants turned into 500 plants in 1 years time.

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