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My aloe plant is trying to die

My boyfriend gave me a fairly mature aloe plant and it's decided to flop over out of the pot. It's tipped itself over multiple times. And feels like it's going to break eventually. We've taken out any "babies" that were in the pot so this is an individual plant. Attached are pictures of the plant and you can see that none of it is in its pot anymore. I really don't know what to do. Anything would help. Thank you

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Re: My aloe plant is trying to die

Your plant would be ok. It takes a lot to kill aloe, believe me. First, put the plant in a clay pot. Aloe is rather heavy (full of water), this will prevent the tipping. You could also put a stick next to it, and tie it so the plant has extra support. Water when the soil is dry and you are good to go. A lot of aloe can take some stress and then become beautiful color of red or orange.

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Re: My aloe plant is trying to die

I agree the plant is heavy and the stem is long. I would use cactus mix and not so much peat moss. You could cut the stem, callus it off and replant the top so it would stand up straighter. If you are afraid of losing it. Plant a leaf cutting first for back up. Cut the leaf off and callus it off . Plant in a shallow pot in cactus mix or 50/50 peatlite. I prefer terra cotta pots and cement pots for succulents they breathe and the heavier pots don't tip as easily.

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