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New Purple Hopseed Bushes Look Dull and Leaves are Curling

In my Sacramento, CA back yard I planted 10 five-gallon purple hopseed bushes about five feet apart in well-draining soil and in full sun at the beginning of March 2016. Now it's August 2016 and most of the bushes are looking very dull, with a lot of brown-ish coloring and some of the leaves (even the new-growth lime green ones) are curling. I'm not sure if this is typical for new hopseed bushes that do not yet have an established root system. It is summer, after all, and Sacramento has been in the triple digits for a couple of months. I started off watering daily for about two weeks, then deeply twice through the spring. After by summer I reduced the watering to once per week. I generally give each plant the hose for about five+ minutes apiece early in the morning before the sun rises fully. I'm hoping that their condition is just the normal reaction to recent planting coupled with the hot dry summer, and that by next spring/summer they will be better looking. Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Am I watering too much? Too little? A very similar issue is happening with the pineapple guava that I planted between/in front of the hopseeds.

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