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Ginseng ficus root rot?

Hi everyone.

I'm hoping for some firstaid help for my bonsai.
I got a ginseng ficus from IKEA in April. It hasn't been smooth cruising so far though.
Here she is

Long story short: I moved it outside. It dropped all of its leaves. The two branches it had died, so I cut them off.

Then! it got some white fungus from sitting in a humid container (aerial roots). I used hydrogen peroxide on it and it has disappeared now.

But... One of its roots is looking a bit dodgy now...

Oops, the bark "fell off".
This is where I need some advice: do I need to cut it off? The root?

Seeing that all the new little green branches has just come out within these last three months-ish, I've been reluctant to take it out of its pot to look at the roots or do anything drastic.

If my only option is to cut it off.. can I cut off any of the underground roots too and plant the plant deeper in the ground?
I'm not a fan of the bulging roots on top.

Honestly, I don't know if I should just let it grow to get some good branches now? And does this mean setting it aside for a few years before the fun can begin? (Styling etc)

I hope someone out there can help me and Bonbon


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I might try a cousin fig (benjimena?). Ginseng rooted ficus just isn't that long lived.

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