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Beefsteak - Confusing splitting / cracking

Our beefsteak almost ALL (80% - 90%) develop the sort of cracking / stretching seen in the attached pictures from this morning. It usually starts on the blossom end, but develops up the sides, and sometimes starts at the top. The fruit WILL mature, but usually with a rotted out core (though dry rot-looking, like in the pictures). You can see in the first image that it's starting at the stem as well.

I've done all the research I can, and nothing seems to match my problem. We had this happen to our beefsteak last season too. We're in Southern Ontario, this season has been dry dry the plants have gotten pretty consistent hand watering. It doesn't look like cracking from too-fast growth. Sometimes there are tiny larvae looking insects in the gaps...but I don't know if they're just enjoying a crack caused by disease, or making the crack itself. There weren't any on this particular tomato.

I'd appreciate any help you can provide!
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Re: Beefsteak - Confusing splitting / cracking

There are a couple of reasons for your type cracking. Most of what I see I think is caused by irregular growth in the fruit. Temperature fluctuations will cause the spacing. Fast growth then followed by slower growth and then fast growth again. Parts of the fruit tries to surround the slower growing portion. Some of this can also be lack of water or inconsistent watering. Be sure that your watering in dry conditions is long, slow, deep watering and then about an inch per week.

I think the bugs attack a weak spot rather than a cause of the problem. If this continues throughout the year it may also be a nutrient deficiency. A soil test may be necessary. It doesn't hurt to see how your soil is a what it would take to make it better. Sometimes certain varieties tend to almost looks like a variation of cat facing.

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Re: Beefsteak - Confusing splitting / cracking

I normally get quite a few fruit that look like yours, but no more than about 5%. It seems to me that heirlooms and large fruited are more prone to the condition. I never worry about it as is just a minor nuisance for the small per centage that are affected.

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