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My little project

Hey guys new to this, I'm not me green thumbs but I do like a colourful garden, I have what I can only describe as a courtyard for my back garden it's a small patio. I'm putting a new fence up which is gonna be larch, as I mill fences up in work (saving money) and I'm going to clad my outhouse wall with pallets, as I would like the rustic look, one idea I've been toying with is putting a little canapé to put a bar in just because I can.

I'm just curious about making them how easy they are if anyone has made them before please can you give me an insight about the easiest way to make it.

Many thanks joel

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Re: My little project

Hi, sorry you haven't gotten a response yet, but your post is a bit confusing.

I'm going to assume canape was an auto correct error and you really meant canopy? Did you mean outbuilding or do you actually have an outhouse (privy) on/ next to your patio?

So you want to install a bar for drinks (wet bar?) with a canopy/ awning over it? How big a construction are you thinking of? Did you have any particular materials in mind? Wood? Canvas/fabric? Is this different from a gazebo or arbor? Maybe it's just me, but I'm not quite getting the picture of what you have in mind....

Try again and maybe you will get more response!
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