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What plant am I growing?

Hi, I started my garden about 3 weeks ago. I planted cherry tomato seeds on different pots, each one grew, except for one so I decided to have a cubanelle pepper plant on that pot. Did everything and now something is growing but I don't think it's either one.

Could it be just grass or can you recognize this plant? I really need help so I can know what to do. I'll attach a picture.

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Re: What plant am I growing?

I appears to be a weed. We have what we call nut grass and it looks very much like that weed. Nut grass will grow, send out shoots underground and form little brown balls that allow another shoot to emerge and spread like that through a garden. I live in the deep south and this weed is very abundant, and a PITA to get rid of.

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Re: What plant am I growing?

I agree it's nutsedge. It's THE WORST weed in my garden. It's easy to pull out, but it grows a new plant from any root left in the soil, and those roots break EASILY!

I hate this crap. And I also agree that is a REAL PITA!

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Re: What plant am I growing?

Obviously not pepper nor tomato. So its a weed. Pull it!

My definition of a weed: A plant out of place.

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