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New to gardening. Why is this happening?

My leaves are curling up and turning brown. They are in self watering pots that I check every day. I did just put some outside the rim fertilizer. Is that the cause or what am I doing wrong?

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Re: New to gardening. Why is this happening?

From that one photo, its hard for me to see that there's anything wrong with your tomato plant...

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Re: New to gardening. Why is this happening?

it always helps to tell us where you are located. There are hardly any garden questions that can be discussed without regard to location/ climate.

Yeah, your plant isn't looking bad. You are just talking about the very bottom leaf? It is normal for the oldest leaves to shrivel up and die. It is also true that the bottom leaves may be the first ones that show signs of septoria, a fungal disease. From the one picture, I can't really tell which of these might be going on.
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Re: New to gardening. Why is this happening?

It is best to remove the bottom leaves anyway, they are the first to show signs of fungal disease and you don't need them. You have a large tomato on the plant and it is a short plant, so is this a determinate? What variety is it.

Please do update your profile with your location and profile.

If it has been hot over 88 degrees, tomatoes leaves will curl upwards as a result of heat stress. It is called a physiological leaf roll and it is the plant just trying to reduce water loss from the leaves. Watch or cover your tomato. If you don't have enough leaf cover it could sun scald and the birds will go after the tomato. If it is hot you can put up some kind of shade cloth or lath to give the tomato some relief from the midday sun.
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