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Problem with Cilantro

I can post a picture if needed but a short description first. My cilantro was the first to sprout and it grew quickly. The sprouts range from 2-4 inches tall and all have at least one set of leaves. I've noticed that some are starting to fall over or shrivel up. I water them every day and they are right in front of my sliding glass door but not outside. The Rosemary is doing fine but the cilantro has even showed a decrease in growth rate. Its not growing as fast as it first started out. I did take note of two sprouts that were beginning to develop their next set of leaves.

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I'm not sure - it could be over-watering causing root rot (really easy to do with these young sprouts) or not enough light. I've had it happen before, just try again.

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I have a light bulb I used to use for my lizards. It is a brand new bulb, only used for two days and then I found out I didn't need it. It is a UVB bulb if I'm not mistaken but I can find out tomorrow as its still packed away. Could i use this to give the sprouts more light.

I heard somewhere that light coming through glass is filtered and that plants won't get the right kind or amount of light they need. Would using this bulb help with that. I know its used to provide lizards with 'sunlight'. And as for the watering, I'll lessen the amount of water I give them. and water less often.

thanks for the info.

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yeah you could use the UV bulb.

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I have often grown cilantro, both in the ground in the greenhouse, and also in pots. I found that cracking the seeds lightly before planting has lead to a good crop - perhaps you can plant a few this way and see if the outgrow the other. It sounds like you've been overwatering them too. Good luck.

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I didn't see anyone mention this above but, watering everday seem a little excessive, are you checking the soil to see if the plant needs water?

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