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Help! No idea what shrubs to plant.

We just bought a house in Kentucky, and there are 2 very large shrubs in the front that cover way too much of the front of the house including the windows (the 1st picture shows them in the early spring so you can see where the window lines are). We're going to have these taken out, and we're trying to decide what to do with that bed in the front. Right now given the lack of time for delving into landscaping on our own (or the money to pay a landscaper), we're thinking we'd just like a simple row of small compact shrubs to line in that bed.

The main concerns/questions are 1) what are some shrub types we should consider? We'd like to get some that are inherently compact if that exists so they don't end up getting huge like the ones we currently have. We're willing to do some maintenance on them like trimming, but we'd prefer low-maintenance shrubs, 2) how many shrubs would you consider putting in a bed of this size and how far apart should they be spaced?, 3) we'd like them to be full enough to obscure the concrete that lines the lower section of the house front.

Any advice would be so much appreciated. My apologies for my gardening naiveness. We have no landscaping experience!!

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Re: Help! No idea what shrubs to plant.

What are the dimensions of the raised beds?

Which way does that face? Is it shaded by trees, etc? How many hours of sun?

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Re: Help! No idea what shrubs to plant.

Welcome from another KY gardener. Cute house! Those shrubs look nice and healthy ~ why pull them out when you could just cut them way back? If you want something no care and smaller, how about dwarf golden arbor vitaes? The color would be pretty against the brick. Now is a great time to get to garden centers and buy lots of clearance plants, but caution ~ anything you plant now will have to be watched carefully. This hot and dry weather will mean lots of watering while new plants get established. Let us know what you choose to do!

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Re: Help! No idea what shrubs to plant.

I'd pull them out too. I think they are plain ugly.

But dimensions and directions of the flower beds are necessary. Also personal preferences are needed. Do you want flowering or evergreen? Fruiting shrubs? If you want flowering shrubs what colors do you like?

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