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Growing Mint Issues

Any advice on my mint. This is the 2nd year they have been in these pots. The one on the right is spearmint and the one on the left is mint julep. They have grown back this season very sparsely and the mint julep has white spots.
mint 17Jun16.jpg

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Re: Growing Mint Issues

More light. Check the roots if they are winding around the pot it is time to repot.

Mint will choke itself. When it looks nice and full it is time to repot.

I think you have too much shade the mint is very lanky. In morning sun it will be fuller and shorter. In full sun it will do well once it gets used to it but in very hot places the edges will burn. Mint likes a rich moist soil. Use fertilizer, it doesn't care what kind.

you can cut the sprigs and plant 4-5 in a 4 inch pot. It should be rooted in about 2-3 weeks.

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Re: Growing Mint Issues

Something I would also suggest is to cut the tops off. Plants will fill out better if they aren't putting all of their energy into growing up. It will allow them to focus more energy on growing out. Make some tea with those tops and enjoy your hard work.

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