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Help me identify this pest on my avocado tree

Hi all,

I am trying to identify the bug that is living on my avocado tree. I have uploaded some photos that I took using my camera. The pics show a yellow bug with a black tipped tail. The leaves are starting to get black dots all over them and the tip of the leaf has gone black. I am unsure what type of avocado it is (if you could help me identify it, that would be awesome!).

If you could identify this bug, I would appreciate some advice on what I should do to kill it.

I planted my avocado in December 2015, so it is about 6-7 months old now.

Thank you in advanced.

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Re: Help me identify this pest on my avocado tree

I'm reminded of the Garden Patrol/beneficial predator below. Maybe you are looking at the cleanup crew and not the actual troublemaker....?

Subject: SYRPHID • HOVER FLY, Garden Patrol Aphid Specialist
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