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New bonsai owner in need of desperate help-(Serissa)


I got a bonsai tree as a present for christmas. It is called Tree of a Thousand stars and flowers little white flowers.

I did look after a bonsai tree for a friend and all went well, however my bonsai is slowly dying and i am not really sure what i have done.

The booklet said to water it every 2-3 days in the winter but it gets so dry that i have been watering it every day. I am also unsure about how warm the room should be?

Claire :)

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how do you mean dying slowly? is it losing leaves, is it over watered as that can also kill it
what you should try is leaving it somewhere not near a radiator or this will dry it out
try misting it every couple of times a day, give it as much light as possible because it is a tropical plant
and get a misting tray as the moisture is probably to low for the plant

this is a good start although don't move it from somewhere warm to somewhere cool as it has already gone through quite a shocking ride on its way to you and don't prune it heavily as that could finish it off

just a few things

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The name you cited is one of the common names for Serissa foetida Look here for some tips on keeping them. They can be a difficult specimen for beginners to manage.

Also you cannot water on a schedule, this is bad advice. please read the sticky thread on general care that is located at the top of the bonsai forum.


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