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Potted Miniature Roses -- Not doing well

Hi all!

I've started my first garden and have decided to do mostly containers -- our soil is very dense. I have 4 miniature roses in pots and they aren't doing very well. One plant had a nasty case of dusty mildew and now 70% of the leaves have yellowed. The others seem to have stopped blooming (blooms have browned and dried). I deadheaded in hopes of encouraging more blooms, but nothing has come up. The foliage on the other 3 plants seems healthy. I readily admit that I'm pretty naïve when it comes to mini roses... am I expecting too much from these little plants? Is there such a thing as buying a "bad plant"...?

Would also some advice on how to transition them indoors when the weather cools.

Thanks much!

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Re: Potted Miniature Roses -- Not doing well

I experienced similar issue. I put it into the ground and it recovered very well. It needs sun.
They resist winter, so don't worry about it.
You can spray them with a fungicide recommended for mildew.

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Re: Potted Miniature Roses -- Not doing well

Overwintering outdoors in pots depends greatly on how cold your area gets in winter. What survives in Tennessee may not survive in Maine.

Blooming spurts depend on the variety of rose. Some bloom mainly in spring, some all during warm weather, some in spring and again in fall.

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