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Did I start my flower seeds to late?

Hello my name Is Candice I created this profile to get some tips on starting seeds well flower seeds Iv done good with veggies but I was wondering if it was ok to start sunflowers,morning glories and bachelor buttons in house right now? I planted sum in cups the other day 05/28/16 and I'm just hoping I didn't wait to late?

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Re: Did I start my flower seeds to late?

It depends on where you are located and what the temperatures are like. Not sure about bachelor buttons -- I think they are started earliest, it might be late for sunflowers if dog days of summer are already here, but morning glories shouldn't be an issue.

It will also depend on the opposite end -- when does the weather get cold/ first frost arrive and how long it takes for the flowers to mature and bloom -- what variety are you growing? Sunflowers in particular have wide variety.

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