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Sod not getting enough water

I had sod installed about 12 days ago and its taking really well in 95% of the yard, nice and green and is taking root. There are a few sprinklers near the back brick wall that are not far enough back and don't provide enough water to the surrounding grass. I have been manually watering these areas since the installation when I noticed it wasn't getting enough water.

Aside from the continual water, is there any amendments I can apply to those patches or the dirt underneath them? I can pick the back sections up as if they were just laid on top, they haven't taken root in the browned areas.


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Re: Sod not getting enough water

Make sure the sod has good contact with the soil. You need to water new grass up to 4 times a day until it can establish. Just hang in there. You may have to adjust your sprinklers to get better coverage.

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