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HEllo, Help IDing?

Hi there. I recently purchased my first home, and it came with a bunch of plants that I'm slowly learning about through searches. There is one that has completely eluded me, however, and I thought maybe a forum could give me an answer.

[unfortunately, I only have a webcam, so I can't get very good pictures]

this plant has reached over a meter in height, the stalk is almost an inch in diameter at the base, and the large leaves at the bottom are almost a foot long. on the upper half of the stem every leaf has a bundle of pods or buds.

picture of a larger leaf:

the upper stem

tip of the stem

closeup of the buds

I hope this is enough information to help me find out what kind of plant this is, I don't even need a specific species, just a ball-park idea.

thanks a bunch!

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I think this is sorrel; taste a bit of the leaf and if it has a vinegary, lemony taste I'm right (yes, know that sounds wierd but I taste plants for ID all the time). If I'm right you have a lovely addition to salads (cut down on the vinegar in the dressing or it will pucker you up good). Higher in Vitamin C than oranges!


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