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My lawn has been destroyed- help me revive it!

After construction and a hard winter, my lawn is basically gone. There are parts remaining, but generally it is thin, patchy, and in some places (where excavation occurred, and where a soon to be gone dirt pile lays) there is no lawn at all. Historically, I have been clueless about what to do with my lawn although it was fairly healthy before this.
In my backyard, where a large portion of the yard was torn up I started to plant grass seed a week and a half ago. Some new dirt, seed, and peat moss. It has started to come through, and I am not sure if I should fertilize it or anything else. The other half is pretty much untouched, albeit with one or two dead patches.
In the front yard, there is some patchy lawn as well as a large dead spot where some crusher dust is. I plan on digging this out and adding dirt to make it lawn as well. This is slightly delayed as, there is about half a tandem load of dirt left, and it's been raining a bit.
So my main question is- what should I add to my lawn seeds to make sure they grow properly, and should I be doing anything different?
I'd also like to start fertilizing and taking measures to kill weeds in the future, I have a few dandelions in the existing parts of the grass, among other pests. The weed and feeds I've been using over the years have not been living up to their names, and this year I really want to get the yard looking great and do a professional-like job.
I am in atlantic canada and have a pet dog, if that matters.
Any help really means alot! Thanks!

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